Prepare Drywall For Wallpaper

Prepare Drywall/Sheetrock for Wallpaper

Wallpaper installation relies upon the right prep work on the drywall/sheetrock behind it. Despite the fact that your drywall is not visible whenever it's covered with the wallpaper, any defects or stains you omit to fix or treat immediately become apparent. New drywall or recently painted drywall that requires fix should be dealt with primer, however with a preliminary/sealer item. This shields the drywall from harm by the wallpaper glue and facilitates the wallpaper removal. It helps delaying the drying of the wallpaper glue, allowing the wallpaper hanger more opportunity to change and manage each part.

New Drywall

Cover surfaces adjoining the walls with blue painter's tape, similarly as you would plan for painting.

Pick a primer/sealer for new drywall. Having the primer/sealer colored to coordinate your backdrop helps make your wallpaper work look flawless.

Recently Painted Drywall

Apply spackling compound to any nail openings or marked zones utilizing a plaster knife, when the compound dries, sand fixed regions with a fine-grit sandpaper. Wipe away any residue with a wet microfiber material.

Set up the walls for primer application by covering the ceiling and trim with blue painter's tape.


Apply a stain killer primer to any stain/marks spots that stay after cleaning. At the point when oil stains are left untreated, the wallpaper glue can make it seep through the support of the paper, making an unattractive stain on the wallpaper.